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420 IMAGERY is a place to showcase the beauty of the cannabis plant, as captured through the eyes of today’s modern photographers. The featured photographer is Rick Thompson, a journalist and cannabis media specialist from Flint, Michigan.

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Mr. Thompson’s works have appeared in major newspapers, most recently The Detroit Free Press, through syndication via the Associated Press and Reuters, in cannabis specialty publications, and regional news and music publications. In 2016 he was awarded a coveted Crystal Trichone Award for Journalist of the Year; in 2015, Mr. Thompson was named one of three Citizen Activists of the Year for the United States by a major industry media group.

In addition to being a photographer and journalist (visit The Compassion Chronicles.com), Mr. Thompson is also involved in marijuana law reform activism. He currently sits on the Boards of the Michigan chapter of NORML and the MILegalize ballot proposal committee, which collected 354,000 signatures to bring the adult use of marijuana to Michigan in 2016. Follow the progress of the MILegalize campaign by clicking HERE.

Learn more about Rick Thompson by visiting his website at :


Some of Mr. Thompson’s works were recently donated to raise funds for the MILegalize group; these posters and a magazine were signed by industry notables Tommy Chong and DJ Short, as well as NHL legends Darren McCarty and Larry DePalma. Mr. Thompson was the Editor of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Magazine at the time of this issue’s publication

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